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I remember it was sometime in early 2007 that an article in The Wall Street Journal piqued my interest. Apparently there were many people in California and Nevada who had borrowed money to buy homes who were now unable to make their loan payments. It's old news by now, but I remember telling Leon, my stepfather who lived in Las Vegas, that I could not understand why all these houses were being built in Vegas and where would all the people come from to live in them. At this point with his infinite wisdom Leon just turned and looked at me and said "these houses are not for living in, they are just for buying and selling". That said it all and the rest is history. The first image in this series is of a potential subdivision in Summerlin in Vegas. All is in place for the homes to be built, but as you can see there are none. This is the ghost town that never was, for surely if it was built it would be one by now. What you don't see in this image are the billions, perhaps trillions of dollars nationwide, worldwide for that matter, of wires and pipes and foundations that rest below ground, just waiting to be used. Perhaps there will one day be vast cities run by underground mice. Who knows?