Rickie's Words  |    March 7, 2015

situated between polka-dots and pin-striped bathing-suits
lies coconut stained plastic rocks confusing tenants below the dirt.
polka dot prints litter the beach-side-ocean-front-terraces.
a beer belly asleep atop a floating blue bubble.
and smiles of natives greet you as their own.

clever stares and shortened breaths
gripping promises of time-worth-living
on holiday or simply, by the bay
a sunset so humbling-it frightens the most noble man. 

she used to come here when she was little.
when she was big she still came here and became little again.

they sit on timeless beaches where nothing happens except time, passing.
and little girls who watch the sand melt and press into toes too big for their own feet.
now, they wait to grow.

and still, we wait for time. and still, we wait for time.
but what remains, yeah. what remains?
we still watch that same sunset,


Rickie's Words  |   December 2006


timid like the moon,
She dances with the stars,
But only on cloudy nights.