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I once was asked if I actually photographed the girls on the cards somewhere else and then printed the images on the baseball sized cards. That's the point I guess, that one would actually think that I may have done that. I did not, but for those of you who have ever or never visited the strip in Las Vegas, if you did you would find these cards everywhere, on the ground and in the trash and in the bushes. They fall from people's hands shortly after they are handed to them by hawkers who have their territories up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. The best part of receiving a strip baseball card from the hawkers is the clicking and snapping noise they make with the cards before they hand them to you. I usually photograph the cards where I find them, but sometimes I move them around. I especially enjoy the ones that are torn up, and if you look closely you can put all the pieces back together in your mind. Occasionally as in (#16) one finds a black and white card.