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My mother in law, Annina Neri, is a devout Catholic, and I am her not so devout Jewish son in law. We have known each other for over 30 years. So as it happens, I always look for ways to have fun with her with my Jewish sense of humor, and she, likewise with me, usually in her kitchen, in her Italian way. So when we go to Annie's mother every Sunday for dinner, I always notice that there are pictures of Jesus everywhere in the house, mostly in the kitchen. From religious calendars, to formal framed portraits, and magnetic images stuck to the refrigerator side. I often ask Annina, "how many Jesuses were there?" After she smacks me on my head and tells me not to make fun, she of course says, "only one!" I say, "fooled me", cause there must be more than one, cause he looks different in all the pictures. I ask her, "which is the real one?" She responds by asking me what I want on my salad and then tells me to put more food on my plate, or sends me downstairs to change the light bulb in the ceiling that is out. That's how it goes. So my hope is not really to find the Real Jesus, but to explore the world he inhabits and decorates in many American homes. This way we can each draw our own conclusion.