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The sense of feeling small when surrounded by something that is so much more powerful than anything you could ever control is paramount to why I often seek out the "road trip" experience within the landscape. It helps to put things in perspective. I see this "road trip" adventure as two pronged, one as a way to get away and become consumed with the vastness of the land and the objects placed upon it, and the other to travel with old friends who work the way I do. The old school photographic community was nurtured on these sorts of sorties and whether I travel with my old friends George Basta or Michael Lutch or Tim Smith, the banter and independent work experience among us makes the journey always more informative and relaxing. Occasionally we make a few pictures. Old school guys and gals know what that means, make a few pictures, that is. From time to time the impossible raises its mysterious head and we can only imagine what the red and silver stripped pole is (#15), or the short mountain with the concrete block surrounded by a chain link fence is (#14), or even what the bands on the old telephone pole mean(#2). I of course wonder if the place where the old boat now rests (#21) was once a vast ocean.