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Eventually everything we drop or spill or dispose of finds its way into a mound shape of some sort. Of course my first inclination is to want to believe that these piles of dirt aren't really man made mountains, but that they formed over millions and millions of years. I suppose that one day even our mighty Rocky Mountains might morph into mounds of all shapes and sizes, like these pictured below. The sad reality is that most of these mounds or piles of dirt originated in the money lending centers of the world. This is where the vast sums of money came from that allowed our pile drivers and bulldozers to move the earth around, with the unending belief that there would always be buyers for these little mounds of dirt and the houses built upon them. As we now know that was not the case. So the mounds that were to be pushed around and become the foundations for millions of home across our great land, now sit waiting. My interest is always in the humor of the moment, so I try not to see the underlying economic seriousness that post dates the mounds, and I hope that they are so cute that maybe they will make you laugh a little.